Jon Foster

  1. Nine Tailed Fox, digital book cover
  2. Bridge of Birds, digital book cover
  3. Dog Boy, digital book cover
  4. Flow, digital 
  5. Squid and Me, digital, images posted with permission of the artist

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road trip behind - dongwoo


Bubble Porn is what they call this phenomena. It’s like watching porn…but there isn’t any actual sex(If that even makes sense).

Did some more research and saw some pictures online with this kind of censorship, but this video was pretty awesome to be honest. It really shows that perception is EVERYTHING.

**Gifs done by me**

"Love at first sight?"

I’m gonna suffer so much watching this. Could you just end up already. i want to see this drama now. LOL!




REMINDER: if you have a vagina and want to use Plan B as an emergency contraceptive, it loses effectiveness if you weigh more than 165 lbs (74.84 kg) and is completely ineffective for those that weight more than 176 lbs (79.83 kg) (x)

Excuse me.
Let me spread the shit out of this.

This is horrifying. And sadly true.

Angelina Jolie photographed by Michel Clement in 1991